This year, in lieu of our annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser, we will be hosting a Virtual Auction and 50/50 Raffle. Unfortunately, the winery is catching up on a backlog of events that were cancelled during Covid, so we were unable to get our usual date to host our event. But, we've already reserved a date for next year, so it will be back!

We are excited to do another Virtual Auction and 50/50 Raffle like we did in 2020, during Covid. We have already received a ton of great items for you to bid on and are looking forward to receiving many more between now and then. The Virtual Auction will be held October 12-15, 2022. We will have a link to the auction as soon as we have it ready to preview!


All money raised will be used by WCPAA to fund Waukesha Police Department needs not covered by the annual city budget. 

We appreciate your support! 

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