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Prescription Drug Take Back

WCPAA has participated in the city's Drug Takeback Program. It takes a lot of helping hands to receive and organize medications that are turned in by the community. This effort keeps drugs out of the wrong hands while also keeping them out of our water and landfill systems. For more information, visit:

WCPAA Scholarship

WCPAA, Inc. provides a scholarship to two eligible students each year. In prior years, those scholarships have been $500 each. This past year, the membership approved to raise those scholarships to $1000 each!


To be eligible for a WCPAA Scholarship, you must be a resident of Waukesha or have a parent who is employed by the City of Waukesha Police Department. Students must be pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and must have graduated from a Waukesha Public School or Catholic Memorial. 

To apply or request additional information, please email

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